Oracle is today recognizing those Americas customers who are charting new paths and reimagining the building industry through technology with the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards.


This new awards program highlights noteworthy customers that are successfully improving project delivery across industries.


AMP United is honored to be selected as a recepient of this award along with the likes of Facebook, BlueCross BlueShield, Oceaneering, and Bosch to name a few.

Details of the recognition are below.

Construction and Engineering—Americas

AMP United, LLC - Solutions Implementation in Residential and Commercial

Oracle Primavera Cloud

AMP United LLC is a US based industrial and commercial coatings business servicing US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels. The company is working on an 11-month large and complex docking phased maintenance project on the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77) aircraft carrier. The amount of integration was substantial and the previous solution, unable to manage the work. The General Contractor, was using P6, so choosing Primavera Cloud allowed AMP United to integrate with P6 providing a complete project overview.

Their award winning accomplishments include: a six-figure budget saving by being able to see and share the impacts of changes against the budget and schedule and allocate resources effectively, an over 95% time savings to develop a new schedule for each change. AMP United saved 3-5 hours each week preparing the two week lookahead plan. Now, it is almost instantaneous. They also saved 2-3 days per Condition Found Reports (CFR). Project has 240 CFRs to date. Confidence in information has brought the client approval rate on CFRs up from 30-40% to 90%, they reduced the impact to the client by 2/3, $200K by using the scenarios tool and save 4 days each time they develop the over under report. From 5 or more days to just 1 day.

Keeping pace with cutting-edge industry innovations is what makes ours a competitive and desirable workplace.