AMP United places high value on creativity, personal responsibility, professional accountability, and building trust in our relationships with colleagues and customers. We advocate and promote a culture where motivated customer-oriented employees can flourish, experience professional fulfillment and reach their highest potential.

Our commitment is to honor the individual strengths of all employees, challenge them, and motivate them reach their full potential. At AMP United, we believe we’re the best in the business and we train our workforce to match that distinction.

As with any organization, we’re only as strong as our people, which is why we place a premium on talent. In addition, AMP United is invested in the latest industry technologies, including environmentally friendly green vapor blast equipment, as well as high-solids plural component pumps that minimize atmospheric VOC’s.

Keeping pace with cutting-edge industry innovations is what makes ours a competitive and desirable workplace.

Enthusiastic about education and ongoing professional development, AMP United maintains an audited safety and certification training facility for the purpose of administering SSPC C-level certifications and site-specific maritime training. We have an established curriculum that helps drive our employees’ careers from apprenticeship through to journeyman and onto field management.


A comprehensive Industrial & Marine Preservation company, AMP United consistently targets talent for positions at all our locations across the country.