Expertise in Marine Applications

AMP United specializes in large-scale marine and industrial painting and coating applications.  The core of our business has been applying professional surface preparation techniques and applying paint or specialized coatings for a wide range of requirements and applications –mainly within the NAVY and Coast Guard industrial areas. AMP United supports surface ship platforms from small landing craft through aircraft carrier preservation projects. Our highly skilled team is well versed in the most current preservation technology from ballast tanks, voids, bilge, top side, intakes and uptakes, underwater hull, freeboard and decking. We are positioned to support projects from coast to coast and can mobilize a small tug to a large scale military vessel.

Surface Prep

We understand that maximizing your investment in coatings starts with properly prepared substrate. Most substrates that we support include steel, but we also service aluminum, stainless steel and GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).

  • Our tradesmen are well versed with applying SSPC standards to abrasive blasting, water jetting and power tool cleaning in addition to having a C7, C13 or CAS certifications
  • All of our projects employ the latest environmentally friendly technology that protects not only your asset but also the environment
  • Containment exceeds state and federal regulations for coating removal.

As a QP2 qualified contractor we have the expertise to abate coatings with heavy metals, including lead, chromium, cadmium, beryllium, and others. Our programs employ environmental and biological monitoring and risk mitigation procedures. Proper surface preparation is critical to the success of applying paint or specialized coatings towards the goal
of completing a long-lasting and professional resurfacing for a project.


In order to meet the intended service life of your coatings investment, AMP United can apply a wide range of specialty coatings from standard epoxies to 100% solids tank linings.

  • Our applicators are certified to C12, C14 and CAS
  • We utilize conventional, airless, and plural component spray techniques
  • AMP United has accomplished critical and non-critical non-skid applications ranging from hanger bays, weather decks, and flight deck
  • AMP United has a core team of interior decking professionals who are well versed in cosmetic polymeric decking, electrical grade matting and tile.

Contact AMP United today to set up a consultation for your particular marine or industrial painting requirement. Our team will recommend the best process and painting application to fit your need as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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