Water storage in Industrial Applications

A primary source of AMP United’s work has been providing municipal water districts with interior tank lining and exterior preservation services.

  • Repair work to optimize tank operations
  • Interior and exterior coatings including art work and application of logos
  • Cathodic protection system installation
  • Annual inspections
  • Roof replacement and tank accessories
  • Ongoing tank management
  • Chlorination

These projects require an expert on applying corrosion prevention, industrial protective coatings, fireproofing applications and much more.

Bridge Structure preservation

Bridges experience the same long-term corrosive effects of weather and saltwater as anything else exposed to outdoor harsh conditions and heavy traffic use.  Here’s what AMP United can provide:

  • Expertise and equipment to remove rust and corrosion from foundation bridge structures
  • Preserve the integrity with a number of protective coatings and  techniques to eliminate frequent maintenance
  • AMP United employs professional engineers to design efficient access methods, containment design and traffic control methods


With pipelines exposed to continual water and weather elements, corrosion and leaks become a persistent problem.

  • AMP United has “A” rating on ISN
  • We maintain a PG&E Golden Shovel Certification
  • We are a party to annual maintenance service agreements

We have the experience to apply the right application to your job’s requirement.

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